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Professional Firearms Training

Here at Peacekeepers Tactical we believe that through proper and professional firearms training we can make a big difference. We can change the sometimes negative outlook that so many people have towards firearms. Our goal is to provide the knowledge, skill and also the attitude necessary to win out over the evils in today's societies. By educating our students we can also give them the tools necessary to pass on that knowledge and in turn spreading the word that firearms are not what the media would have to you believe them to be.

We provide high quality professional training in a wide variety of fields such as our NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course. This class is geared to prepare even the most novice of shooters to enter the firearms community. Or you can give one or more of our many other courses a try. Whatever your needs we will not let you down. We also offer some of our classes on a one on one appointment basis or take a class as a family right in your own living room.

As a Certified Law Enforcement firearm Instructor we can offer professional and relevant training to our security and law enforcement officers as well. In turn giving them the proper tools necessary to go home safely everyday.

So whether you are seeking entry level civilian training or advanced security or law enforcement training. Peacekeepers Tactical is the right choice for you.

Why chose Peacekeepers Tactical? Because we are proud Americans that also love this country as much as you do. Thank you for your time and have a happy and safe day. Rod Havens, Chief Firearms Instructor at Peacekeepers Tactical.

Firearms Training
USA Carry Registered Instructor